Fluid Cell Hydroforming
Triform: Fluid Cell Sheet Hydroforming
Fluid Cell Sheet Hydroforming Overview
Triform Fluid Cell presses can be thought of as high-performance alternatives to traditional pad forming. However, while pad forming sheet metal over a form block typically places a maximum pressure of approximately 1,250 PSI on the part, Triform sheet hydroforming presses yield 5,000 to 10,000 PSI on the part, depending on the specific model. And, unlike traditional pad forming pressure, which varies across the surface of the part, Triform presses place uniform pressure on every square inch of the part's surface, resulting in net shape part production.

System Highlights

    Form parts 96 inches and wider
    Uniform pressure reduces or eliminates handwork
    Multiple tool heights supported without using "fillers" reduces setup time to seconds

System Features

All hydraulic, mechanical and electrical components, as well as CNC controls components, are standardized and considered "off the shelf" from the OEM suppliers, so they are readily available at supply houses worldwide. All critical components are sourced from top-of-the-line manufacturers such as Allen Bradley, Parker Hannifin, Bosch Rexroth, Oil Gear and others. We design each system with serviceability in mind.

Fluid Cell press tooling is placed, unsecured, onto the flat surface of the lower platen, allowing the downward pressure of the bladder to form the material around the tool. Multiple parts can be run in a single cycle, as long as the tools and blanks fit into the working area of the press.
Tooling Costs Substantially reduced
Thanks to our single tool technology, Triform hydroform presses can reduce tooling costs by 50% to 90% compared to conventional presses. There is no need for a mating die to the punch (male die), as the flexible rubber diaphragm in the machine acts as a universal female. Triform tooling is easily manufactured from standard, inexpensive materials and typically has a longer life than conventional press tooling, due to the steady, uniform pressure applied during the Triform process.

Tools made on Fortus 3D Production Systems are ideal for Hydroforming. Fast throughput tooling on Fortus is produced at a fraction of the cost of traditional tools.
Hydroform Tooling Created on Fortus
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